Brume D’Achillée (french for yarrow mist) is a Yarrow, Rose, and Peach Leaf Hydrosol + Toner. Created with a delicate mix of tonifying and astringing herbs designed to leave your face feeling uplifted and fresh for the start of a radiant day. This finely crafted herbal elixir is handmade in a European copper still and bottled in small batches, making for a truly artisan product. The real magic in this refreshing spray lies in the namesake for the blend (yarrow), who's energy protects us as we make our way into the world and phytochemical properties support one of our most vital body systems – the skin. Inspired by the maker’s French heritage, this vibrant blend of garden-fresh herbs is enhanced by the botanical benefits of peach leaf and rose, creating a potent spray for a bright, light, and protective glow. 2 fl. oz. / 60 ml.


Directions: To use as a toner, spritz face 2-3 times after your morning cleansing routine. To use as an energetic spray, spritz in front of you and walk through to add a dose of yarrow and garden-fresh herbal magic to your day. Best stored in the fridge to retain vitality and freshness. Avoid opening bottle and cross-contaminating with any other microbes; please use within three months of opening and beginning to use.


Ingredient: Yarrow Leaf + Flower Hydrosol, Rose Petal Hydrosol, and Peach Leaf Hydrosol; preserved with minimal amounts of radish root ferment and organic cane alcohol.


About The Maker: Designed, formulated, and custom-crafted by local herbalist Anna Marie Beauchemin of East Bay Herbals, every product in this line has been a staple in Anna’s personal beauty apothecary for years. The herbs selected are used for their valued botanical benefits and for their sweet affinity to the skin, creating small-batch artisan products made in right relationship with the earth, body, and land.

Brume D’Achillée Hydrosol + Toner